Red Bull, Purple Moose

Tarw; Coed-y-Brenin

My mate Andy is emigrating to Canada in a couple of months, so by way of a last hurrah, a few of us headed off to North Wales for a weekend of beer drinking and mountain biking. We were staying at Bikers’ Retreat in Dolgellau so after picking up our bikes, we headed off to Coed-y-Brenin bright and early (*cough*) Saturday morning.

Three of our group had never been mountain biking before so we started off on the Temptiwr trail; ‘intermediate’ it may be, but the downhill sections are still fairly technical and the long uphill section in the middle of the ride is draining.

Everyone seemed to manage that okay, so after refilling our water bottles and munching a few energy bars, it was time to up the ante. We headed off on the 20km Tarw (formerly Red Bull) trail for some of the most exhilarating (and knackering) biking to be had in North Wales. Three hours later, with aching legs and sore arses but with all our limbs (if not our bikes) intact, we decided that maybe that the optional second day’s bike hire might not be required after all…

Back at Bikers’ Retreat it was time to sink a few more bottles of the Purple Moose and drink a toast to our soon-to-be absent friend:

“Iechyd Da” Andy; hope all goes well for you and the family in Canada.


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